October 2, 2023
Scouts Prepare 60 Years of Bodybuilding

Scouts Prepare 60 Years of Bodybuilding



They announce groups of Scouts Salamanca, the 60th Anniversary and they intend to unveil a statue that would have been placed in Colonia Bellavista. 

Salamanca, Gto; The founders of Scout Groups in Salamanca come together to celebrate 60 years of bodybuilding in Salamanca, they intend to place a tribute statue and have prepared various activities to raise the name of these groups that were born as a result of the floods in the 1950s tas.

When visiting the newsroom of El Sol de Salamanca, Ernesto Amaya Alfaro, David Rendón Alfaro and Oliverio García Nieto, made known the series of activities to be carried out, at the same time they exposed the desire to place an image that reflects sculpture in Salamanca, to This groups have joined and intend to obtain the funds.

When describing the activities, they point out that in the month of August of this year, they will hold a logo contest for the celebration, then in September, the raffle among friends, to obtain funds for the construction of the monument to Scouting in Salamanca and a dinner that has been called “cheese, bread and wine”.

In the month of October, the presentation of a theater play, in November, the possible presentation of the University of Guanajuato symphony, and in December, the recognition award to Scout troop leaders from Salamanca.

For the month of January 2019.-Cantonment (camp in cabins) of former Scouts
in the springs of San José Michoacán, in the month of March, a family walk to the waterfalls of Tamazopo SLP In the month of May the photographic exhibition of Old Scout events and for the month of June the inauguration of the Scouting Monument, an anniversary fire, which will be attended by groups of former Scouts, and a gala dance dinner will be offered.

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