October 17, 2021
Parodies to The Godfather

Parodies to The Godfather

Surely in any episode of the Simpsons we find some parody of a movie, a musical group, a painting, etc.

Possibly one of the movies with the most parodies in the Simspons is “The Godfather”, there are many episodes of the Simpsons in which parodies are made to the complete saga, I am going to show you some parodies:


This is one of the most famous scenes of the godfather, John Marley wakes up and finds the head of his favorite horse ( video) … in the episode “Lisa’s pony” (Season 3), Homer buys Lisa a pony to make him love him again, Lisa doesn’t find out until one morning she wakes up with the pony next to her in bed, the music that plays is the same as in that scene from the movie … on the other hand there is the episode “The Mad Head” (Season 1) Bart cuts off the head of the statue of Jebediah (founder of Springfield) to like them To some companions, the day after cutting the head off the statue, Bart wakes up with his head at his side.


In this scene from the film, James Caan is killed at a toll, there is a chapter in which this same scene appears, the episode is “Anything goes in the oven and in war”, and in that scene, the same actor (played by another person) is killed in the same way and also at a toll, but the parody we see on the left in the image is from another episode “Mr. Snowplow” (Season 4), Homer removes the snow from the school allowing them to give class, Bart’s classmates take revenge on him by throwing snowballs.

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In the movie, James Caan beats Gianni Russo, the same thing happens in the simpsons episode in which Marge is engaged in bodybuilding after being attacked by a thief and hiding in her house out of fear, when going for a walk in the street meets the same thief, but this time he will take revenge.


“Tony the fat” (or Fat Tony) is very similar to Vito Corleone (Played by Marlon Brando), same aspect, similar voice and the same “work”, also the two are killed by their enemies … but it is not the Unique, Tony’s son is called Michael and in the film the son of “Vito” has the same name (Michael Corleone) and they are also very similar:




In the episode “Moe and the Baby Blues” (Season 14) Maggie takes care of Moe after he saves her life, so Moe becomes Maggie’s babysitter, in one scene of the episode, decides to tell her a story, but When he did not find any book that seemed interesting, he told him the three films of the Godfather.

In the episode “the last exit to Springfield” Homer becomes the head of the workers union (I’m sure everyone remembers that about …: dental insurance, Lisa needs a device … xD) when Homer thinks what his life would be like if he dedicated himself to that, he does it remembering a scene from The Godfather II.

The end of the episode “The Cook, The Rogue, The Woman And His Homer” (season 18) is practically the same as in the Godfather movie ( video )

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What do you think? I hope you liked it, I had a hard time making the entry because I have only seen a scene from The Godfather, but I have not seen any of the other two films (I have not even seen the entire first one …) I’ll see them when I have time … and I feel like it clear xD.