October 2, 2023
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Muscles And More! The nutrition blog that stands out the most on the net!

Welcome to Muscle And More! The nutrition blog that stands out the most on the net!

We are a blog that aims to help and inform people who want to change their image. Demonstrating that maintaining a healthy life is not difficult. Currently and due to the daily rhythm of life we ​​cannot always focus on doing things well, with MusculoYmás … this is over! Follow our advice and take care of yourself like never before!

Do you know what to eat after training?

Many amateurs in the bodybuilding world have a bad habit or ignorance of not eating food after their training session. 

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ptzzkx1bzQw/TzUsjUbSkwI/AAAAAAAAAeQ/cnXToGc4YC0/s200/manzana-post-entreno.jpgMany of you may be thinking, ” I already have a protein shake as a nutritional substitute after training . “

But do you really need it? Do you know what toxic waste you are filtering through your liver? How do you know that you are not giving more priority to supplementation than food? These are questions that in my experience most supporters of this sport are unaware of. For our supplementation to work 100%, we first have to correct and satisfy all our nutritional needs naturally. Only in this way will we get the most out of our sports supplementation.

Now let’s imagine a world without supplementation. Where our contribution when building a muscular body depends on a correct diet, adequate training and the rest necessary to recover. Three essential factors for muscle development. 

We must bear in mind the obligation to eat correctly at the end of our sports practice. Our recovery and muscle growth will depend on it.

During training our muscle fibers suffer small micro-breaks as a result of the effort. Which, then, will have to be recovered for their subsequent increase in muscle size.

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If our goal is to achieve a body that is formed, cared for, hard, symmetrical and with quality muscle mass, we have or are “forced” to do things well and to think for ourselves.

Let us not be swayed by false gymnastic messiahs who believe they possess the ten commandments of “get strong.”



Let’s stop false street topics and do things correctly and with knowledge.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-znwwU2v4s14/TzUtH9TgmZI/AAAAAAAAAeo/DDDVmchAdZ4/s320/post-entreno2.jpgWhen we train our body goes into catabolism , that is, the energy stores are emptied, the muscle fibers are destroyed and we also lose water. Eating after training is important, as our body is more receptive to collecting and storing energy for the recovery process.

It is advisable not to allow more than an hour and a half to eat after training , since until then it is when it is appreciated that the body assimilates nutrients more quickly. Hence, on many occasions, especially if the training has been intense, we feel a brutal feeling of hunger, since our body is crying out to us to fill the energy tanks now that is when it will best assimilate them.

The eating moments after training will involve have more energy available to us when we go to do the next workout and to recover before fundamental if we are looking for is performance. We will also shorten that period of fatigue in which we feel very tired after training. Deposits of glycogen and arrangement of amino acids in the blood will be the keys to better recovery, which get well if we plan our diet after training.

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The foods to eat after training are going to be different depending on what we have done: cardiovascular, weights, team sports, bodybuilding … but you should not miss good hydration based on water, protein foods such as meat, tuna or turkey and food rich in carbohydrates like bread or pasta. Especially if we have done cardiovascular we must also take care of antioxidants , which we will take from fruits, vegetables or nuts.

With these simple instructions we will be able to increase our muscle mass in a correct and natural way. Consuming nutrients and antioxidants when our body needs it, achieving our desired body is a matter of time and dedication.