October 2, 2023
Let's Go to Know The Basic Principles of Bodybuilders

Let’s Go to Know The Basic Principles of Bodybuilders



Every day there are more young people, men and women, who start in the world of bodybuilding . Perhaps because they think that they seek the perfection of their body with it or by pure competition and they look slimmer with that body. Anyway today we are not here to judge that some and not others become part of bodybuilding. Like all body training, we must be careful with how we face it , since its execution will bring us one or the other results .

We remember that the training of bodybuilders does not come close to that of people who want to lose fat, define muscles or simply stay at their ideal weight. Bodybuilding is governed by some basic principles that must be followed “under the hood” or else the results will not be entirely satisfactory. In addition, the competition factor comes into play with which training in this specialty becomes more delicate and specific.

Each part in its time

To start we must take into account in working a specific muscular area of ​​our body, only once a week . In the ‘normal’ routines it is usually indicated that they work every 48 hours if they are small areas and every 72 hours if they are large muscle groups. We are facing a special case, so we will have to leave a muscle group without training at least 5 days in a row, sometimes a whole week. However, areas such as twins or abs (which regain their original size quickly) can train up to three times a week.

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Trial and failure procedure

To achieve great results we must start our training knowing exactly where we started , how much weight we lift in one or another exercise, etc. For this, it will be mandatory to follow all this process of trial and error in a journal or training plan, in order to have everything better planned . A specialized personal trainer can go a long way in these cases.

Three sets per exercise

Many people base their workouts on several series, each one more intense or with more weight. However, for bodybuilders there is a principle, and that is that each of the three series of which each exercise consists should be carried out with the greatest possible intensity. In addition we must take into account that each muscle must have 3 or 4 different exercises dedicated to activate its growth in the best way.

Train strength and power equally

Women's competitionTo participate in bodybuilding competitions we need to show off our well defined and voluminous body. So we do n’t need to be very strong but we do need to work with what will give us that spectacular appearance. The work of power and strength will help us recruit much more muscle fibers and we will generate muscle volume growth in less time . In the work of force we will try to move a large amount of weight (regardless of speed) and with power the important thing is the speed at which we move weight.

  • Strength-hypertrophy for each muscle group : each muscle has to be benefited by the work of hypertrophy (or muscle growth) and strength at the same time. They are exercises that combine the two aspects giving a hybrid result.
  • Endurance and volume for each muscle group : in this sense there are people who like to burn fat and increase blood pumping, thus doing a greater number of repetitions. But there are those who like to feel a great deal of weight on them. What we recommend is to do between 10 and 12 repetitions to increase muscular resistance, something that will also help in the growth of muscles even if you are not looking for it. 
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