October 2, 2023
A Secret Weight-Lifting Technique

A Secret Weight-Lifting Technique to Add to Your Daily Exercises

In this article I am going to talk about a very simple trick used years ago to achieve explosive muscle growth. Today it is somewhat forgotten, but there is no reason for it, quite the contrary!

This weight lifting technique was very popular with bodybuilding fans long before you, dear readers, lifted weights … or even walked, oops. And it‘s a shame it’s not being used as much because the opportunity to get great results is being wasted. So read on to learn how to get more out of your bodybuilding efforts.

In bodybuilding, in order for the muscle to grow and develop, it is necessary to subject the muscles to high tension. When the muscles are overloaded with more tension than they were last time, the muscle system initiates a mechanism of hypertrophy, or increased mass, resulting in an increase in muscle size and strength.

The greater the muscle tension force, the more the tissue is stimulated. Therefore, in order for your muscles to have the best growth opportunities, it is necessary to apply a good stimulation technique to them in your weight training program.

Now, enough talk and let’s get down to business. Have you ever heard of negative promotion? Or eccentric contraction training? It is a weight training technique that puts the muscles in great demand, even more than conventional weight lifting. This increased amount of stress on the muscle is what results in increased muscle growth. An eccentric or negative contraction is like an elevator going down. When lifting a weight, the tension in the muscle is less than when the weight is lowered. The increase in muscle tension during downward movement is due to the muscle fibers lengthening and the tension in each muscle fiber increasing, resulting in an increase in muscle growth potential.

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Another example of this is the press bank. Raising the bar to the point of full extension, and then starting to lower again, trying not to let it fall too fast and hit your throat, is known as an eccentric contraction. The longer it takes to lower the bar, the more muscle fibers are stimulated, and the possibility of muscle growth increases.

Human muscles are a wonderful thing, which can lift up to 40% more weight during negative movement (or eccentric contraction) than it can during positive muscle contraction. Positive contraction (weight lifting) is when there is a shortening of muscle fibers.

That 40% extra weight that you can lift in a negative contraction increases the intensity of your weight training and causes more stimulation to your muscles. Therefore, maximum tension and the optimal level of stimulation for muscle growth and development are achieved.

Note that the negative weight-lifting technique has been shown to increase muscle fiber damage, and in turn, intensify muscle pain. This extra muscle trauma is the result of more, more intense and more specific muscle training. Along with this increase in intensity, shorter training periods and an increase in the speed of the muscle growth process are obtained.

Building the muscles you want is easier than you thought, as long as you use negative repetition. Enter it into your weight training program now to increase the speed at which you build muscle mass.